Peace and Quiet

by Azfarat

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"This is personal. This is a conversation between the two of us. Each of these songs was written baring myself fully, but leaving room for you, the listener, to engage yourself. A simply sad song will make you sad, and a happy song will make you happy, but I don't want to have only this effect on you. I want you to come as you originaly are, I want to amplify and reflect what you bring with you back upon yourself. Have some. You've earned it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some Peace and Quiet." - Azfarat

Azfarat is a noise project from Brattleboro VT that takes the audio
influences of modern noise and industrial music and mixes them with futurist and dadaist ideas about what music was, is, and will become. The end result is screechy and atonal. It most lacks rhythm and may have you feeling relieved when it finally reaches its end.
Peace and Quiet is not background music; it isn't meant to be absorbed passively. It is not meant to be merely heard: It needs to be
experienced! If you're not ready to allow yourself to give into it than
maybe you're not ready for Peace and Quiet. But whether you are ready or not, in the end this is the peace and quiet that you and your dissonant world deserve. Peace and Quiet is out there. This is the inevitable result.

Bugs Crawling out of People present Azfarat in this digital only release.


released March 4, 2015

Original release 27 September 2014

All songs written and produced by Cal Glover-Wessel,
except for track 6; music and lyrics by Cal Glover-Wessel, vocals and drums by Adam Stanton
Cover photo by Sarah Wallis
Graphic design and general moral support by Asah Cramer
Additional design help by Maera Cramer
bcplogo by B Benoit



all rights reserved


Azfarat Tucson, Arizona

A swarm of rats dreamed it was a man, and these are the sounds it makes. Azfarat is an industrial musician currently living in Arizona. Follow on facebook at and find more artists at ... more

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Track Name: A Song for the Dead (with Adam Stanton)
The Necter here runs thick and sweet and leaches taste from all you eat
but your needless heed to drink your fill has come from you and always will

To forget, a thought that ought not to flay your freedom
but to soar above the sore afraid, the past at last out of your grasp
Somethings missing, drink deep

The water here accentuates the bitter taste of waste
your eyes will lie as you imbibe again but see his face

The stomach churns and begs in turns, it yearns for more than necters burns
But still you let the liquid pour, and beg for more
drink deep, and forget

It's okay

The necter here runs sweet and deep, it sieves and leaves you heaving leads
In evening runs the channel free, and leaches feed in through your sleeve
Your eyes will lie and my disguise will fool no one but some will die

We free see inward, blind the eyes that see the garbage for the flies
you kneel before the healer here, to never sever, feel no fear
A song for the dead, there are so many. Drink deep, and forget

It's okay